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Facing the Caribbean Sea, Belize is bordered on the north by Mexico, and south by Guatemala. The Belize Barrier Reef is home to a large diversity of species including hard coral, soft coral, colourful invertebrates and over 500 species of fish. April through June is whale shark season in Placencia, and there is a great mix of large pelagic species to see while diving. Three Caribbean atolls lie offshore, Turneffe Reef, Lighthouse Reef and Glovers Reef. Here, you can explore seagrass beds, lagoons, and mangrove fish nurseries or dive the marine reserve to see barracuda and rays.

Belize is home to the famous Blue Hole, a phenomenon formed by dissolving soluble rock when the sea levels were much lower 150 to 15 thousand years ago. This gigantic sinkhole lies near Lighthouse Reef and was called one of the top five scuba diving sites in the world by Jacques Cousteau. The sinkhole’s depth has been measured at 124 metres, or 407 feet deep.

Belize caters to scuba divers of all skill levels from beginner to experienced.

BC Coast

Scuba diving off the coast of BC offers some of the best diving in all of North America. Known for clarity and a startling diversity of marine life, dive sites include walls, artificial reefs and sunken naval vessels. You may see wolf eels, ling cod, seals, salmon, giant Pacific octopus, and colourful tube sponge formations.
Local Dive Sites

Okanagan Lake

Dive with us in Okanagan Lake – a fjord lake carved out by Pleistocene glacial drift and erosion. From 10 to 232 metres deep, this lake presents several geographical underwater features including rock formations, caves and submerged wrecks. Squally point is an advanced level dive site where Ogopogo’s cave can be found. There are eleven dive sites on Okanagan Lake, suitable from beginner to advanced levels.

This lake is also the home of several aquatic species including kokanee, burbot, rainbow trout, and large freshwater clams.

Skaha Lake

Skaha Lake is smaller than Okanagan Lake, with maximum depths of 55 metres. Skaha Lake is south of the city of Penticton and is connected to Okanagan Lake by a vacation-popular water channel.

Altitude Dives in Banff At Lake Minniwanka

Explore a Submerged Ghost Town – Underwater Archaeology

At 1450 meters above sea level, and up to 100 meters deep, Lake Minnewanka spans 18 kilometers of valley floor in Banff National Park. In 1941, the Calgary Power Co. flooded the valley, submerging a once thriving resort town. Because of Lake Minnewanka’s ice cold glacier water, the townsite has been preserved in the depths, including hotel foundations, wharves, a chimney and sidewalks. About 8,000 divers explore this fascinating heritage site every year, making Lake Minnewanka one of our most popular tours. The visibility and depth will fluctuate seasonally and there are three main diving sites.

For this high-altitude dive, all trainees will be under the direct supervision of one of our certified diving instructors. Cold water temperatures can create safety hazards, and Lake Minnewanka’s high-altitude alters dive times.

Fly and Sea Trips

We book trips through Fly and Sea and accompany you as a group. These diving trips allow our new divers a more stress-free environment while we take care of travel logistics. Beginner to seasoned divers find comradeship and have the opportunity to share their experience with new friends.

We also offer scuba diving vacation tours to the sunny tropics! Visit our Facebook page to see photos of Curacao and Fiji and watch our EVENTS page for upcoming tours.

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